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Hello, my name is Ella Reiter Gold and I am a Jewish witch and mystic currently based in my hometown of San Diego, CA (occupied Kumeyaay land). My ancestors came from Eastern Europe, places now known as Poland, Russia and Romania. On my mother’s side, I am a direct descedant of Holocaust survivors who raised my mother in Israel.


In the last decade I have studied Art History at Pitzer College in Los Angeles,  introductory culinary arts with an emphasis on food as medicine at the Natural Epicurean of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX, and completed a 200 hour herbalist certification at the Sacred Journey School of Herbalism in Austin as well.


I met my tarot and mystic teacher, Olivia Pepper in Austin in 2016 and began studying with them (remotely) in June of 2017. Under their mentorship I developed a professional tarot practice with a special focus in ancestral medicine in addition to studying Hellenstic astrology and folk magic. 


After spending a year living and exploring my ancestral histories in Berlin, Germany, I am now pursuing a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego.

 My passion is exploring how to actively integrate intuitive, spiritual and mystical practices into my daily life and guiding others on their journeys into the infinite mystery. 

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