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What is Tarot?

There are plenty of histories and theories on Tarot to explore in books and on the internet. My personal research and study with my teacher Olivia Pepper has lead me to this belief: the Tarot is an ever-evolving body of wisdom brought into being by ancient mystics. There are a few cities such as Alexandria, Egypt which have been recorded as cultural hubs of academic and social exchange across Europe, the Middle East, India and China. I believe the Tarot was born from these gatherings of mystics, coming together to share the infinite ways of looking into the mystery. Traditional texts of Tarot contain mention of Kaballah, astrology, herbalism, Taoism, Chistianity and hermeticism among others. Simply put,  Tarot is an interdisciplinary art. 


At the core of Tarot, we find a mandala of numerology and elementals. These two concepts are the foundation of our universe; math and matter. This is why it is possible for there to be so many various versions and creations of Tarot decks. At the very core, if you understand the wheels of numerology and elements, you can decipher any deck regardless of the artists’ choice of symbolism and imagery. These different decks allow the Tarot wisdom to reach farther, as we all will resonate with different decks and artistic representations that lead us down different pathways and gateways of perception and healing. Despite there being threads of proof of Tarot’s origin, it will always be shrouded in mystery. Just as with our origins of life, we can have theories and ideas that seem sound, but we will never truly know. 


The magic of life is looking into the mystery with joy and curiosity. We will never find the answers and that is what makes it so beautiful. The medicine is the journey - the hero’s journey.

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